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6 years ago, the very first notice of Love Live! was posted! (didn't really start until June, though)
It had a really weak start, with their first single reaching only 167 on the Oricon. But, it's grown so much! The most recent Best Live collection reached number 1 one the Oricon! Love Live! is also still going really strong with Aqours as well. I hope they keep doing well and will keep going for another six great years!

Love Live! has brought me so much happiness. I hated it at first. I was so annoyed seeing it everywhere. But, I remember I was really bored as I waited for my AP to recharge in Ishtaria, so I asked if School idol festival was good. It was on my mind since the day before was Honoka's birthday and I saw a lot of birthday posts for her. I remember I was in the car as the initial download was going.

Ever since then, I've loved Love Live! (lol) It makes me more happy than any other series has. I met so many cool people from it. It's almost my first anniversary of SIF as well. I think I reached my 300th day yesterday or the day before? When I was downloading it, I was sure I was just going to play for a little while before I got tired lol.

I'm glad I got to know Love Live! Muse may be gone, but I know Aqours will do great <3. I've bought some of their singles too! I'm just missing Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai and the upcoming TV OP.

I can't wait to see what lies for the future of Love Live!. I'll be sure to follow it until the very end!
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